Eco & Peepo-Friendly Production Company specializing in creating & documenting EcoVillages 'cause we all want to be part of the Souluzion rather than the Pollution!


SOULUZION - the eco & peepo friendly production company
Souluzon is a multi-faceted partnership that provides carbon-neutral solutions to those seeking an alternative to their current unsustainable lifestyle. Our online presence seeks to match up property owners with environmental companies in order get them off the grid in the most cost effective manner. Once the match is made, we provide on-site services to get the projects up & running. Each property transformation is then documented by our audio-visual team to provide online & TV content. Souluzon is also an outreach service to professors, students & artists seeking to teach, learn, create and share. Ultimately, Souluzon, seeks to create a global network of eco-communities that foster intercultural exchange, both amongst themselves and locally.

To create, maintain, assist self-sustainable Carbon neutral communities (SSCNC).

Provide Souluzions for individuals and companies who wish to live and promote self-sustainable Carbon neutral communities, in the following manner:

  • On-site showrooms for alternative technologies
  • Create an online platform which enables developing & exchanging strategies ideas amongst eco-preneurs.
  • Transforming conventional agricultural & animal husbandry methods & behaviors to alternative forms (permaculture, organic farming, etc).
  • Sell and/or lease habitats within self-sustainable the Carbon neutral communities.
  • Offer eco & health recovery vacation packages and “farm surfing”.
  • Create educational partnerships at the elementary, high-school & university level, to teach self-sustainable Carbon neutral Soluzions.
  • Establish micro-credit services for the surrounding communities.
  • Creation of TV & Web content documenting the transformation from unsustainable to sustainable.
  • Rotation Artist in Residence program
  • On-site coaching for launching of self-sustainable Carbon neutral communities internationally and/or management of said communities.
  • The Planet &
  • Communties and/or landowners trying to restructure or improve pre-existing projects.
  • Individuals who would like to live in self-sustainable Carbon neutral communities.
  • Eco-prenuers & investors looking for opportunities in socially-responsible investment.
  • Govermental institutions

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